Friday, June 22, 2012


Blogs are a good tool to express your feelings publicly without being worried of what people think of you. You get to express yourself in any way you feel comfortable and there is little room for judgement. Its a good place to understand they way people think and how they present themselves. You might learn things about people that you never would have known without reading their posts without them plane out saying this is who I am. Blogs are also a good place to get opinions, vent or expresses creativity or a talent for writing. I chose this as a blog I liked because I saw a documentary on this online game called second life and was surprised to find out that it was really a game. Although I am not interested in playing it I found it interesting that someone could actually live a second but virtual life and thought that if I learned a little more about what people think about it then I could understand why so many people spend so much time in a second (virtual) life as if it was actually their real life.

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