Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fathers house

I coundnt get a picture of the house because its a 2 and half hour drive but its a beautiful 150 year old farm house with an old well house in the front yard and a porch off the back. There is a mountain behind it and a fire lane continuing from the drive way that leads a pasture and another road on the other side of town. It is a very beautiful place and although I have never lived there with my father it has always felt like the closest thing i had to a home growing up because my mother always moved me around and it was hard to get attached to any place that I lived with her. My father's house was always my home away from home. I loved being with my father as we have alot of common intrests and he was all about me when I was with him as I am his only child. I can always depend on his house for a stress free get away, and a GREAT night sleep.:)

Atreyu Michael

Atreyu Michael is my son and he has very much made me the person I am today, a mother, a supporter, and a hard worker. He has changed my life a lot and because of him I am going to school to get a good paying job. I am not only doing this for a good income but also to set a good example for my son I won't to make sure that he knows that life is not a free ride and you have to work hard for everything you hve and everything you want